Video cards: create the 'wow' factor

Mixing video content with print to engage and inspire our clients challenging, demanding audiences.


We've recently worked on a number of events where clients have been keen to give delegates something to take away which would have a long-lasting impact – and would help them remember the event and the people they met.

Luckily, at HMX we keep our ears to the ground, and had something up our sleeves which we've been dying to try out: a piece of printed collateral which incorporates a video screen and speaker, creating a real 'wow' factor. 


We suggested producing video cards to give away at the close of the events. The cards would instantly play a video of the conference – one that we had shot and produced on-site – as a highlight summary.

We designed the cards to match corporate branding as well as other event materials. 

The videos we produced, some shot ‘vox-pop’ style, were touching and humorous, and summarised a number of key event messages.

Delegates received a card as the event came to a close. They were a great way of finishing each conference, providing real impact.


The cards were an instant hit. Our clients have been inundated with internal enquiries from across their organisations about where to get them from, and have used them several times since. 

Video cards have proved to be a great way of delivering a message in a compelling way – not least because they are picked up again and again, and passed around to colleagues – ensuring that your message is firmly embedded.