Worldwide News - an Internet T.V. Channel

An internet T.V. channel to help our client transmit their messages to colleagues in a time of change


In 2010, Cable & Wireless Worldwide were planning a de-merger from their parent company. This was an exciting time for them – they were looking forward to delivering a clearer market proposition, through a smaller and more dynamic organization, with well defined objectives and focus.

With colleagues based around the world however, imparting this news, generating an understanding of what the changes would mean, and creating a feeling of excitement, was going to be challenge.

Cable & Wireless turned to HMX, initially asking us to produce a series of films about the changes going on, and the impact that these changes would have. They wanted the films to be delivered on DVD so that on the day of the de-merger, everyone could view the films at the same time - no matter where they were in the world.


Our immediate response was to challenge this thinking. Were DVDs really the best way to quickly and effectively reach colleagues around the world? Particularly in such an innovative and technology driven organisation? The duplication and delivery charges alone would absorb a major part of the budget - and the immediacy and urgency of the message was, we felt, being lost.

Using our secure KnowledgeVault online video streaming system, we proposed creating a dedicated website to host the content. This would be a faster, cheaper, and more engaging way to deliver Cable & Wireless’s messages. ‘Worldwide News’ – a T.V. channel hosting all our clients’ programming – was born. 

Built and hosted by HMX, the channel was fully branded as if part of the Cable & Wireless main website. At launch it featured almost 40 films, from interviews with senior staff about what the changes would mean in different areas, to historical and brand films, TV ads and customer testimonials.

We enlisted a team of internal ‘newscasters’ and produced a series of short intros and links which helped to communicate the excitement of the new business. The CEO’s address was filmed the day before launch making it immediate and relevant.

On the morning of the de-merger announcement all staff received an email with a link to C&W Worldwide News. They were immediately able to view and comment on individual films, which created a tangible sense of engagement with the new business. 


On the morning it was launched, over 4,000 staff logged in to see the announcement from the CEO. The positive reaction continued over the weeks and months following. 

C&W Worldwide News helped build a sense of ownership and belonging within Cable & Wireless's global workforce.

"Feedback around the office has been very good…Well done and thanks to you and all the team at HMX for your hard work and dedication to getting this done, please pass on my thanks to the guys."