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Our clients are thought leaders in their own fields, and so we try to keep abreast of ours. In this section of the site we aim to keep you up to speed with current communication trends, and give you some practical advice to take back to your day job.

Our blog is the place to go for thoughts on the world of comms, the impact of technology, and maybe even an early warning about the next big thing. The latest posts are shown below, but do check out our previous posts for our hints, tips, and thoughts.

Our reports will give you practical hints and tips written in a clear, direct, hands on, style. Head here to find out how to make online meetings much more powerful and effective or how to improve the use of video in your organisation.

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Keep talking and start saving


How web events can make your team, and your accountant, smile

This report will give you a quick insight into what webcasting and web events can do for your business and how the cost savings, compared to a regular face to face event, can make a real difference.

We look at new approaches and ways to move things up to a level, which encourages greater interactivity and generates real engagement with your audiences.

Whether you have a global target audience or a smaller local community to address, web technology can really help you keep the information flowing and massively reduce your costs.

12 ways to supercharge your internal comms


The HMX guide to using video to give your people the edge

This report will give you useful insights into how you could be using video in many more ways than you might have thought - ways which engage and motivate.

We look at some research to illustrate why video is so powerful, and identify some of the key benefits that video can bring to an internal communication strategy.

If you want to motivate employees to align with business strategy, if you have an important strategic message to share, or if you want to reassure colleagues and make them feel valued, then using video is the smart way to go.